What is a Syndicate Mortgage?

When multiple people get together to invest in a project that alone they wouldn’t have access to, it’s called a syndicated mortgage. They create one mortgage instrument and the investment moves as one funding, with each investor individually registered on title proportionally.

*like any investment, there are risks that are not suitable for all investors. Speak with one of our agents to determine your suitability.

  • Client Assesment

  • Mortgage Processed

  • Project Begins

  • Interest Paid

  • Project Completed

  • Principal Returned

Client Assessment

Before we accept any investor, we ensure that the project you have chosen is the right fit for your goals, and outline all the potential risks.

Mortgage Processed

Now that we know you are a good fit for the project, your investment funds are processed, and a charge on the title of the property is made in each investor’s name.

Project Begins

All funds have been collected! Work can now begin. In most cases the funds are used for all startup costs of a project. Sales, Marketing, consultants etc.

Interest Paid

You will be paid out interest as soon as the funds are released to the developer. Interest continues to accrue until the end of the project, subject to specific project terms.

Project Completed

Most projects are completed once the land is serviced and sold or tenants moved in. There can also be other strategic exits depending on the project.

Principal Returned

After project completion, the mortgage and any outstanding interest is repaid. Completion usually takes between 2 and 5 years.

Every Investor is Unique

Talk with an investment specialist to ensure our projects can meet your goals